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Used Forklifts for Sale in the Greater Detroit Area

When your business is ready to invest in a forklift, visit Integrity Lift Services. We take pride in our honest, quality customer service and would be happy to help you find high-performance equipment that will meet your needs, while staying within your budget. Our expert service team fully inspects, maintains, and repairs each piece of used equipment as needed, and we provide comprehensive warranties, so you can feel confident when you choose us as your used equipment provider. And, once you've found that perfect piece of equipment, our preventative maintenance services will help keep it operating in peak condition!


Save Money by Buying Used Equipment!

  • Half The Cost of New Equipment
  • Comes with a Comprehensive Warranty
  • Virtually No Lead Time for Delivery
  • Financing Available

Get Affordable Financing and Guaranteed Quality

We are pleased to carry a variety of used forklifts from the top manufacturers in the industry. Financing is available for our used inventory, making it easy to complete your purchase in one convenient location, and we regularly offer used equipment specials, providing you with even greater cost savings. The best part is, our equipment comes with a comprehensive warranty and a quality guarantee!

The Benefits of Used Forklifts

The largest benefit of buying a used forklift is the upfront cost savings. A used forklift costs roughly half as much as a new model, and because of the savings, you may be able to afford more than one. Buying a used forklift also gives you the opportunity to purchase equipment that your operators are already familiar with, eliminating the need for additional training. If you already have a variety of forklift accessories, purchasing a used model that is compatible with these parts will also save you capital. Our used equipment comes with a comprehensive warranty so that you can be confident with your purchase. With practically no lead-time for delivery, we can have your forklift on site right away.

Tips for Purchasing a Used Forklift

Forklifts are some of the most necessary pieces of equipment used across countless industries. Whether you are loading or unloading heavy pallets or moving supplies from one end of a warehouse to another, forklifts make life easier. Forklifts... Read More...

Let us help you find the perfect used forklift for your business. We work with customers from Wayne, Macomb, and Oakland counties, as well as the surrounding Southeast Michigan areas. Contact us today to outfit your business with the best equipment.